Legal security in environmental protection and occupational safety, energy management, corporate law.

ComplianceThe general requirements of an environmental protection and occupational health and safety management system include compliance with the applicable legal regulations and the execution of the resulting obligations.

Making a company more legally secure faces a great challenge to managers, superiors and employees in charge.

Organisations must be able to demonstrate that they have identified all relevant environmental and occupational health and safety requirements, that they are aware of their impact on their organisation and that they have procedures in place to enable them to meet the requirements on a sustainable basis. But often there is a lack of suitable tools to support the employees of the company in the implementation process.

Excel lists do not provide the transparency and overview necessary for good compliance management. The correspondingly formulated and assigned measures in a language that is comprehensible to the employee are missing. Interpreting legal texts and the resulting derivation of requirements and duties is difficult and unpopular for most employees.

VISTRA’s web-based legal database, individually adapted to your company, offers the solution to guarantee legal security.

Legal Database

VRDB_Maske_001 There are approx. 6,000 to 8,000 environmental protection and occupational health and safety laws, ordinances and guidelines. Today, a company can hardly guarantee legal security for its operations. The management, superiors or authorised persons do not have the time to read the laws, interpret them and determine which duties and tasks apply in their area.
VISTRA has developed a web-based legal database which offers an individual solution for the problem of legal security in your company and places the delegation of company obligations on a secure footing.

Expert work group „Compliance Management and Controlling“

This expert work group provides information and offers solutions on the subject of “compliance management and controlling”.

Aims of the expert work group:

  • Dissemination of knowledge on the subject in the expert work group
  • Preparation of a guide on this subject
  • Lectures within the ICV and externally
  • Publications in specialist media
  • Theme center for the Controller Congress 2019
  • Texts should be understandable, manageable and meaningful
  • Integration of experts’ points of view internal and external

The group is open to executives, CM delegates, managers, controllers and members of other ICV work groups. Anyone who is interested can get to it and contribute their ideas and thoughts.

ICV work group “Compliance Management and Controlling”

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