Integrated management systems

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During the introduction and certification VISTRA pursues a project approach that has been continuously improved, proven and extremely successful for years.

Integrated management systems with VISTRA

VISTRA is one of the leading service providers for implementation and certification. Let us advise you on how VISTRA can also increase the efficiency of your company.

Projects Integrated Management Systems

Process controllability by creating transparency is the formula for success in the area of integrated management systems. The visualization of the processes reveals potentials and facilitates customer-oriented and legally compliant process optimization. We support you with our experience during the introduction or integration into an existing management system.

State analysis

The actual analysis is carried out with the help of a delta matrix, which compares the requirements from the various standards and the circumstances in your company. The management system (implementation, manual, processes, instructions, forms, templates) is analyzed and suggestions for actions are created from the requirement extensions (deltas). These deltas are checked in sample audits or interviews.


The starting event will train the management and/or the staff on the forthcoming project “Expansion of the quality management system”. Project goals such as optimisation of the management system and the passing of the forthcoming certification are presented. First priority fields of action and the responsible persons are named. In or after the kick off, appointments are made with those responsible to discuss measures and necessary adjustments to the process documentation. This creates the project schedule.

Quality program and training

In the meetings with the responsible persons the main work in the project is done. Training is provided on the area- or process-specific deltas (requirement extensions) of the new certification standard. Then implementation examples from similar projects are shown in the form of documents (processes, instructions, forms, videos, etc.). This input is used to develop a concept for the company’s own implementation and the necessary process documentation is jointly created or adapted in the draft. Our entire database of samples and templates is available for this purpose. This is usually done in one or more sessions in order to achieve a synergy of method training, implementation and creation of the necessary documentation. The documentation can be made directly in an own or in a VISTRA intranet solution.


The process employees are trained for the developed process changes and the applicable documentation is explained. In the implementation phase, the implementation of the developed processes and measures are controlled. Necessary adjustments will be made again and the employees will be supported in the implementation.

Project controlling

Finally, an internal audit is carried out by an approved auditor to verify the certification capability of the management system and necessary improvement measures are initiated.

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