Introduction of a quality management system

A quality management system (QMS) is the basis of the entire management system. The QMS regulates the organisational structure, responsibilities, processes, procedures and resources. It describes the core processes (e.g. sales, development, procurement, work preparation, production, shipping and product maintenance) as well as management and support processes. The basic standard often is DIN EN ISO 9001.

Benefits of a quality management system for your company:

  • Optimization potentials in business processes are identified and implemented.
  • Creation of a basic order in the operational procedures.
  • Minimization of search effort, little bureaucracy.
  • Existing processes are systematically optimized and documented.
  • Certification also serves as a marketing tool.
  • The pragmatic, process-oriented system is supported by all employees.
  • Employees are trained in the standards.
  • Meeting customer requirements (e.g. automotive, railway, medical, aerospace)

VISTRA Ingenieurbüro is a leading service provider in this sector with over 300 successfully implemented quality management projects. Since 1994, Vistra has supported companies in all sectors with introduction and certification of quality assurance measures, including DIN ISO 9000 ff. in the areas of quality management, environmental management, occupational safety and risk management. With more than 50 successful quality projects every year, we have secured and improved the market position of our customers. The optional use of databases, e.g. for intranet management systems (manuals, process modelers) is one of many effective tools that we have developed for our customers based on many years of experience.

Project Approach

VISTRA has set itself the goal of developing practice-oriented management systems that focus on high customer benefit.

The project management is very simple. Beginning with a short inventory, the not yet fulfilled standard elements are worked out.

The recorded processes are examined in the context of an improvement with regard to process optimization and norm. In working groups, target processes are modelled together and the corresponding documentation is created.

The implementation of the revised processes is accompanied and monitored.


The launch event planned with the internal responsible person trains the management and/or the staff on the forthcoming project “Development of the quality management system”.

Project objectives such as the optimisation of existing processes and the passing of the forthcoming certification are presented. The process map with the process overview is created and persons responsible for the process are defined.

In or after the start event, dates for the process analysis are agreed upon.

Process Analysis

In the process analysis, the processes of the process map are recorded and documented, and improvement potentials are recorded.

The representation of the processes is often done graphically with an own standard (Microsoft) or Vistra provided software, which at the end is also the Intranet quality management manual.

Quality Program, Training

In the meetings with the responsible persons the main work in the project is done.

Es findet eine Schulung zu den bereichs- oder prozessspezifischen Forderungen der Zertifizierungsnorm statt. Then implementation examples from similar projects are shown in the form of documents (processes, instructions, forms, videos, etc.).

The improvement potentials of the process analysis are also evaluated and, if necessary, implemented.

This input is used to develop a concept for the company’s own implementation and the necessary process documentation is jointly created or adapted. Our entire database of samples and templates is available for this purpose.

A certification partner is selected together.


The process employees are trained in the processes developed and the applicable documentation is explained. In the implementation phase, the implementation of the developed processes and measures is controlled. Necessary adjustments are made again and the employees are supported in the implementation.

Project Controlling

Finally, an internal audit is carried out by an approved auditor to verify the certification capability of the management system and necessary improvement measures are initiated.

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