VISTRA web-based legal database

VISTRA has developed a web-based legal database that offers your company an individual solution to the problem of legal security in the area of environmental protection and occupational safety and provides a secure basis for the delegation of company obligations.

There are approx. 6,000 to 8,000 laws, ordinances and guidelines for environmental protection and a similarly high density of regulations for occupational health and safety. Today a company can hardly guarantee legal security for its operations. The management, superiors or authorised persons lack the time to read the laws, interpret them and determine which duties and tasks apply in their area.

VISTRA web-based legal database

Similar available tools only give you an overview of what laws exist and when they have changed.

Based on our long-term experience in the field of environmental and occupational safety law, we have developed a web-based legal database with our clients, which offers an individual solution for the problem of legal security in your company and places the delegation of entrepreneurial duties on secure pillars.

In addition, the requirement “How does the company ensure that it complies with the laws applicable to it” resulting from DIN ISO 14001:2005 or ISO TS 16949:2002 is met in full.

Structure of the web based legal database

The structure of the VISTRA legal database is based on the organisational structure of your company and is created individually for each company. The structure of the database can be adjusted at any time due to organisational changes in the company.
Every user and administrator receives password-protected access to the web-based legal database.

Content of the web-based database

With a few mouce clicks the user of the web-based database generates a report which environmental and occupational health and safety laws are relevant for his area.

He also receives information on the general or specific obligations arising from the law in his area. Users can compile these reports individually.

Maintenance and updating of the web-based legal database

The administrators can adapt the legal database to the organizational structure of their company, add laws and company-specific requirements or change obligations.

The entire legal database is updated by VISTRA at fixed intervals. VISTRA checks if the laws are up to date or adds new ones. The obligations are also reviewed or supplemented.

One of the special highlights of the web-based legal database is the automatic notification of users by e-mail in the event of changes in his area due to legal changes. The user must confirm that he has implemented these changes in his area of responsibility. If there is a risk that the deadline will be exceeded, the user will be e-mailed repeatedly until he has confirmed the implementation.

In addition, the traffic light function facilitates the immediate recognition of the current status of compliance with legal regulations.

Additional functions of the web-based legal database

For each law listed, there is a reference to the entire text of the law. However, you can also attach further annexes to any law, such as extracts from your operating permits, which must be observed due to a law.

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